It was a dream

Summary: The dream viewed from the outside.
Pairings: izmk
Rating: T
Genre: Angst / Violence
Story Type: Dream!AU
Setting: Dream.
Warning: Depressing, character death-ish. And no relation to Short 3.

There was something horribly wrong and Mikado could see it. He could hear it, in fact. But he just couldn’t find the strength to get up from his current position. He wasn’t even sure he had the will to do so either. Whatever was left of his field of vision gave him the knowledge that Shinra and Shiki were having tea right in front of him. How they could when everything right off the balcony in front of them was heading into oblivion was beyond Mikado’s current state of mind. Suddenly, the voices in his head were calling out to him. They were his friends; the ones that cared and were looking for him while, at the same time, trying to survive the chaos.


All sorts of ways to call his name resounded. They were desperate. But there wasn’t anything he could do to for them. He couldn’t even move. Then, he noticed, out of the corner of his eyes, the black silhouette of bodies climbing upwards. Shinra stood up and exclaimed with joy some words Mikado couldn’t understand. Shiki remained the same as he brought the teacup to his lips once more. In the blink of an eye, Shinra was engulfed by the formation of bodies, carried away to who-knows-where. For all Mikado knew, Shinra could have been dead now. However, even as he currently was, Mikado could tell Shinra was happy to be taken away. Ecstatic even.

“Looks we’ve run out of time. We can’t hide you any longer than this. You need to run on your own now. Get caught or be saved. Your choice.” Shiki had gotten closer to Mikado and bent down to reach his eye level. Both knew there were no words that could be uttered at the moment. Then, without any more warning, Shiki picked up Mikado by the scruff of his shirt and stood next to the balcony. In a single second of will, Mikado had turned his head to stare at Shiki but there was nothing more the man could do. There was no hesitation in his next act. It was as if Shiki knew that Mikado would be alright.

Mikado had managed to watch as Shiki had been consumed by the madness. He wasn’t horrified. There was no time to feel anything as his body rolled down to safety. At the bottom, Mikado could feel himself falling back but someone had grabbed hold of his hand. “Whoa! Lucky I was here. Or are you looking to die?” Chikage asked curiously but noted Mikado never replied. Before he could question Mikado’s current state, he heard the long series of collisions and wheels screeching off to the fast distance. That he could reminded Chikage of how badly things were right now. “No time to stay then. Let’s go!” Grabbing his hand, Chikage pulled Mikado away just in time to avoid the black-like hands lounging for him.

It was around the famous Love sign that Chikage toppled with Izaya. The informant looked excited to see Mikado, as if he had been expecting him for some time. “Since you went through all the trouble of bringing him here, mind handing him over already? My little Boss-chan gets very lonely when I’m not with him.” Izaya had spoken very sweetly as he swung his legs across the air. Chikage took a quick glance at the teen behind him but noticed nothing out of the ordinary until the pair of eyes behind Mikado stared up at him, a wide smile creeping up.

“Don’t think everything will go so easily for you, Izaya.” Shizuo had arrived, possibly in the nick of time, with a beat-up metal pipe tapping his shoulder. Chikage wasn’t able to turn around to face Shizuo as his eyes were unable to turn away from that smile. It called out to him, unable to let him go. It was the very essence of disorder. The worst of it was that both Izaya and Shizuo knew what was happening to him and neither did anything for him. Chikage was currently treated as a sacrificial lamb for the smile to engulf. At the end, he wasn’t even able to wonder if that was the feeling people had before losing themselves to the sea of abyss.

Izaya dropped down from the sign at the same time Chikage was lost. He seemed confident about winning against Shizuo. When the knife flashed out, the madman of Ikebukuro lounged for the sociopath of Shinjuku. The metal pipe clashed with the knife, sparks flying as they rubbed against one another. Shizuo was enjoying himself, a wide smirk and bright glare decorating his face. Izaya, on the other hand, didn’t hate it, but he wasn’t enjoying himself either. What he wanted was something different. Something that was very close by and was gazing at him. Something that was joined together with Mikado’s lifeless eyes. What he wanted was that. And nobody would stop him from getting it. World be damned if anyone tried. And he knew they had been trying. But he wasn’t about to stop.

“Master, use this. It’ll be helpful.” An adoring voice spoke up and Shizuo stopped in his attacks. Where the bucket and brush had come from, he wasn’t sure. But the thing he knew was that he was in trouble. Izaya stood right in front of that and had offered his right leg quite easily. When the hand crept over Mikado’s shoulder, it doused the whole foot with red paint. As casually as he could, Izaya gave the usual scoffing grin before he twirled his foot. The substance hurt more than Shizuo imagined and he wondered how many more kicks Izaya could do before he got tired or the paint fell off. “So beautiful, Izaya-sama. Come hither. Let me adore you better.” Seductively, it called for him and Izaya could not resist. He wanted it too.

Lips met, swallowing saliva hungrily, as if it were the last bit of liquid left in this forsaken world. “How long more?” Izaya asked, desiring every last bit until there would be nothing left. But it wasn’t time yet. They still had to wait just a tiny bit longer. Shizuo was shocked beyond horror. Everything everyone had fought for, gave their lives for; it was all for naught. Nothing mattered to the two in the end. The moment Mikado was lost, they saw the world end.

And then a pair of brown eyes opened. In the darkness, they were unsure if what they saw was real or not. However, tears had begun to fall. Unknown to the owner, they beckoned calamity. They would fall once again that day.

April 11th, 2012
Sad End

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