Request: Fetish

Summary: Because they had noticed something off about Mikado on certain nights, they decided to investigate and found…
Requester: Miko Vampire
Pairings: szmkiz
Rating: MA
Genre: Fantasy / Romance
Story Type: Fantasy!AU
Setting: None in specific.
Warning: Catboy!Mikado (per hobby…err, request). Random plotless fic for pure kink-type smut (per request, sorta).

Mikado’s low breaths kept them on their toes. Every twitch made them that much aware of the teen beneath them. Izaya started it first by slowly ripping open the younger male’s shirt with his favorite pocket knife. Shizuo then placed his hand on top of the partly exposed chest. In response, Mikado gave a low gasp due to the cold touch. His breathing increased and he had no idea where to move to.

The two older men saw soft ears twitch every other second and Izaya felt like bothering them. He softly blew inside the one nearest to him and saw it fold back. At the same time, Mikado closed his eyes and gave a soft whimper. Shizuo moved his hand closer to the neck and Mikado opened his eyes a bit while his mouth tried to word something out. A simple purr-like sound came out instead and Shizuo’s fingernails trailed the neck, giving it a scratched feeling.

Closing his eyes again, Mikado seemed to enjoy the touch and the fur-filled taps could be felt at each of the older men’s sides. It moved quickly but stopped every second that Mikado took a breath. Softly, Izaya trailed down his hand across Mikado’s side until he stopped at the hips. A fingernail began to grab the edge of the jeans and let it go quickly, making a clicking sound, before the process was repeated once again. Over and over. Each tap echoed inside the tiny apartment until Mikado tried to block it from his ears.

A smirk from each male and Shizuo was the first to bent down, his lips passing as closely as possible to the skin without making contact until they reached the bottom of the jaw. Mikado let out a low, yet quick and surprised gasp the moment he felt teeth gnawing at him. The voice that still refused to speak out was stifled the moment he noticed the cool air hit him. Izaya had opened the jeans as quietly as possible and began lower them, allowing the tip of his nails to come into contact with the hidden skin underneath. A soft whimper and heat started to rise.

The held down hands entwine fingers with its captors’ rough and smooth ones. Shizuo licks for a short but rough second the area that was gnawed on. He raises his head, leaving steps of saliva until they finally arrive at the corner of the quivering lips. His free hand descends again and moves away the right side of the broken shirt to expose part of the chest. Izaya watches as Shizuo does the same for the other side before he slowly descends a finger to the top of the risen button. As if it were a volume control, Shizuo moves the finger round and round. Immediately, Izaya senses a twitch. He smirks and taps the rod until liquid forms at the tip.

Finally, the awaited voice begins to cry out. It was nothing more than a single letter but it repeats again and again in long segments. Every short pause urges the older males into losing control but they stand their ground. Izaya trails down his finger, feeling every little bump on the skin before he goes back up again. Simple agitation but it serves its purpose. Mikado closes his eyes and tries to look away, biting down the bottom of his lips for control.

In the recesses of their minds, both continue to hear the taps at their sides. Izaya’s hand descends for the fourth time but much lower this time. He can feel moving fur, the source of the continuing taps, as he searches for an opening. Mikado opens his eyes and his head rolls back, raising his neck to the air, the moment Izaya finds it. He tries to escape but his whole body, including his captured hands, are held down. The moment he tries to voice something coherent, Shizuo’s teeth come in contact with Mikado’s soft ear.

Stifling his voice, tears begin to form at the edges of the younger male’s eyes. Both males smirk at that and Izaya edges Shizuo on to continue. Moving down to the other ear, Shizuo licks it, making a trail along the jaw line. There’s a small shiver that courses through Mikado’s body all the way down, causing a small twitch near Izaya’s fingers.

Unable to control himself anymore, Izaya wiggles the finger a bit and manages to put one more in. Closing his eyes, Mikado continues to stifle the sounds forcing their way through his throat. Shizuo pinches the skin and a little bit comes out. Using his thumb, Izaya starts to massage the skin above the hole. Mikado loses control of his mouth and his voice comes out once more. Though both enjoy the sounds coming from him, Shizuo is the first to put his mouth over the younger male’s lips.

Izaya watches Mikado respond and the hand underneath his move upward in an attempt to escape. Invading the moist cavern, Shizuo finds the tongue and forces it to comply with his movements. Deciding not to stop now, Izaya moves his fingers in and out, searching for the one spot to turn Mikado completely into a pile of goo. With the hands incessant movements and his mouth covered, Mikado can’t think well, nor breathe correctly, and he finds himself covering the older men in thick liquid.

Shizuo separates to see himself drenched and smirks at Izaya, who simply grins in response. Lifting the hand circling Mikado’s chest, Shizuo begins to take off his necktie and unbutton his shirt. Izaya pops his fingers out, ignoring the small yelp from Mikado, and shrugs his jacket off. For one second he lets go of Mikado’s hand but quickly holds it down again. As Shizuo struggles with his shirt, Izaya offers to cut it up. Shizuo glares in response and Mikado shakes his head. He sighs and helps Shizuo out because he would take too long. In return, Shizuo pulls the shirt off of Izaya.

Both notice Mikado extending his hands towards them and they push it down, making a loud smack against the floor. With their chests exposed, Mikado can see the deep breathing both take as they move their hands across his chest. He stares at the bulging lower regions of both males and the two notice it. Shizuo moves first and places his hand underneath Mikado, lifting his lower body into the air. Mikado is surprised and doesn’t know where to place his legs so he brings them closer to his body. The hand holds him steady by the bottom and caresses the line, trying to go in while ignoring the meddlesome fur.

Bringing his mouth closer to the thigh, Shizuo lightly bites the area. Izaya moves the legs into a better position and turns his upper body so he can move closer to the member that stuck out. Sounds come out, a mixture between an elongated vocal and a loud purr, the moment Izaya sticks out his tongue to touch pulsating skin. He nibbles lightly everywhere until he reaches the tip and awkwardly, purely because of his position, begins to suck.

Expulsing another spray, Mikado covers part of Izaya’s face and mouth. The man licks his lips and lets go of the held hand to unbuckle his pants. Shizuo watches him fumble with it, his finger never ceasing to slowly play with the hidden opening, until Mikado extends his hand to help. Izaya lowers his jeans a bit and frees the hard member which Mikado cautiously reaches to touch with his fingertip. It twitches upon being touched and Izaya prevents his voice from coming out by smiling at Mikado.

The younger male feels the heat coursing through Izaya and tries to cool it down by grasping it. Izaya stares at the handiwork the boy does for him and uses his free hand to keep himself upright. Though a bit hesitant and with an odd rhythm, simply due to Shizuo’s movements, Mikado eventually gets the job done. As thanks, Izaya lowers himself and gives Mikado a long yet less forceful kiss. When they separate, the two turn their heads towards Shizuo. They know he’s been pacing himself pretty well so Mikado tries to unbuckle his pants as well. When he can’t reach well, Izaya helps out and does the job himself. Immediately, Shizuo growls but Izaya takes it off quickly, a simpler type of belt buckle than his own.

Izaya makes no motion this time to lower Shizuo’s black pants as he doesn’t wish to place his hand anywhere near that bulging mess. Noticing the standstill, Shizuo ceases the fight and lets go of Mikado’s held hand. It immediately shoots towards Shizuo and pulls down, earning a low groan from the dyed-blond man. The hand holding up Mikado falls down and Izaya quickly manages to save the boy from hitting his bum too hard. As Mikado slides over to get closer to Shizuo, Izaya twists the lower half of the boy so he can suck once more. Immediately, Mikado stops and holds on to Shizuo for support.

Watching how Izaya plays with the younger male, he notices that Mikado is enjoying both the mouth and finger inside the opening again. He twitches and Mikado feels the pulsating member, even from afar. Realizing Shizuo is basically being ignored, he tries getting a little closer and begins with a lick, a movement similar to Izaya’s from earlier. Moving to smaller bites, he reaches the tip and slowly brings it inside his mouth. Izaya notices this and growls lightly while moving his fingers at a slightly faster rate. Mikado flinches and the soft ears twitch, gaining Shizuo’s attention, who moves to caress the closest to him. Trying as hard as he can, Mikado sucks and licks terribly, not able to concentrate very well.

A low groan from Shizuo and coughing noises from Mikado alerts Izaya that Shizuo has relieved himself. He glances towards Shizuo, who glances at him in return. Their thoughts are the same as they raise their fists to the air. Three shakes later and Izaya wins the first round. He lifts up Mikado’s bottom and raises the bothersome fur. It twitches and taps resiliently as Izaya brings himself in. The almost voiceless gasps of Mikado cause Shizuo to move forward and lock their lips together. Izaya begins to thrust slowly, looking for the correct spot. Once Mikado can’t hold on anymore, Shizuo places the younger male’s hands on his shoulders for support.

Reaching the boiling point, Mikado feels Izaya become hotter. His nails start to dig into Shizuo’s skin as tears fall slowly. The blond man reaches down to Mikado’s hard self and pumps to help him out. In return, Mikado manages to somehow grab the tip of Shizuo and moves his hand to pleasure him. Izaya knows he’s reached the correct spot when he hears Shizuo growl lightly due to Mikado’s tight grip. Hitting it a few more times and the contained voice flows out freely. Izaya freezes on the spot and feels everything flow out of him.

Without letting him rest, Shizuo pulls out Mikado from Izaya’s grasp and brings him closer. Their lips are locked feverously as Mikado’s body brushes itself with Shizuo’s for every second they stay close. Shizuo realizes Mikado wants his release and pulls the bottom up until he arrives inside Mikado. The legs entwine his hips as the furry feeling tries to coil around his legs. Izaya watches Mikado’s arms hold on tightly to Shizuo’s neck and pouts. He quickly pulls Mikado away from Shizuo, though only partly, before capturing the lips for himself. Not knowing what to do with his hands, Mikado simply tries to hang on to Shizuo’s arms. However, Izaya pulls them away from Shizuo and places them around his neck instead. He gives support to the younger male with his chest and makes sure the front isn’t neglected.

Mikado tightens his grip and separates from Izaya’s mouth to cry out, tears streaming down. Izaya isn’t too happy Shizuo managed to be the one to force him to use his throat. With a hard slump down, Mikado leans against Izaya’s chest. Izaya slowly raises Mikado’s head to face him again so their lips lock once more. Low moans can be heard as slow movements affect both Shizuo and Mikado. Izaya doesn’t let them rest as he separates his lips from Mikado and pushes him towards Shizuo. Confused for only a moment, Mikado’s head is quickly pulled into Shizuo’s shoulder as the older male offered his own skin. Mikado accepts it gladly when the pain becomes too unbearable and bites down on it.

Even though Shizuo glares at Izaya, the other simply grins as he moves to find the best spot for him. Soon, the light pain on Shizuo’s shoulder subsides and it’s replaced with low breaths that tickle him. He shudders as the rocking movements entice him. Mikado grabs hold of Shizuo while Izaya makes sure the younger teen’s lips belong to him. The tightness between then prevent much movement and not one of them is able to reach a comfortable conclusion. However, they continue to seek it and Shizuo is the first to notice they are reaching their boiling point when Mikado’s nails begin to dig deep. Izaya realizes it a second later as Mikado desperately seeks air to breathe.

What feels like an eternity of pure fighting, comes to an abrupt end when Mikado tightens himself and feels a deep shock from being completely filled by the other two. As he slumps down to the side, both adults separate and fall right there next to him. Their breathing is erratic but is slowly calming down. Sleep beckons all three and the long night is finally over.

When the sun begins to shine inside of the apartment, Mikado opens his eyes. He’s startled by the sudden breeze and tries to sit up but doesn’t have the strength. Instead he passes a hand through his head and realizes something. “Stupid curse! I’m never leaving home on a full moon again!” He murmurs angrily to himself and sighs with relief. At least the ears and tail were gone. But if they resurfaced again and these two got a hold of him, he wasn’t sure how much more he’d last.


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