Nothing fills me with more pride than having completed a story, well, except knowing people have enjoyed it. Here’s a list of all my completed fanfics.



01. Recluse in War and Life: Mikado, the recluse is hiding from certain people but if he wishes to stop a war, he’ll have to act.
02. Short Shorts for Hot Chocolate: Series of “drabbles” of anything that comes to mind.
03. The Dragon that Falls: Izaya releases a dangerous being but can he keep it in check?
04. Things that change for better or for worse: After disappearing for six years, Mikado returns a changed man. But how changed?
05. Trick and Treat: When Halloween comes around impossible things happen. But Mikado would rather do without them.
06. Trick or Treating Trio: A small trio comes to trick-or-treat in Ikebukuro with a hidden purpose.

Kuroko no Basket

01. I caught a cat: Kagami believes Kuroko is a cat. And when Kuroko fails to show up for practice, Kagami is taken by surprise by the reason why.


01. Failure and Success: Atsuki and Akira have a strange moment before they met and now they want to resolve it.
02. He caught a cold: Atsuki has a cold and everyone decides to visit him.

Pocket Monsters (Pokémon)

01. A Tale Of An Eevee & Two Trainers: Suzuka finds an injured Eevee one day and decides to look for its trainer. An OC story.


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