A love to last a lifetime

Summary: To the three, the pact is sacred.
Pairings: szms + izmk + cran
Rating: T
Genre: Slice of Life / Romance
Story Type: Random AU
Setting: First scene and plot based on pixiv images placed below the cut. Both images were removed from pixiv though. D:
Warning: Big OOC-ness. Short chapter.

“Will the defendant please state their name for the record?” Kida Masaomi said with authority in his voice to Sonohara Anri. The girl didn’t know why she was being questioned this way and when she tried to glance over to her friend, Ryugamine Mikado, Masaomi would bang the notebook he had rolled up against his leg. “I order, order!”

“That made no sense Masaomi.” Mikado tapped away at his phone while munching on the piece of pocky stick his friend had brought earlier.

“I make the rules in this court, Prosecutor Ryugamine!” Masaomi pouted while banging the notebook again as if he were a judge. “Now, state your name for the record!”

“Do I really…?” Anri had tried to ask but Masaomi banged the notebook again with the same words. With a deep sigh, Anri replied. “Sonohara Anri.”

“You are to represent yourself, Defendant Sonohara! Now, answer me this! Do you accept you were seen yesterday in a lovey-dovey date with your lover by both Judge Kida and Prosecutor Ryugamine?” Masaomi asked accusingly and Anri tried to look at Mikado for help but the other was still too busy with his phone. “Do you hear me, Defendant Sonohara? What are our laws?”

“Ryugamine-kun is also breaking them right now.” Anri pointed over to Mikado who looked up nonchalantly and had his phone stolen by Masaomi.

Glaring at his best friend, he banged the notebook again. “Prosecutor Ryugamine has been denominated as Defendant Ryugamine from now on! Do you accept breaking our laws, Defendant Ryugamine? Do not deny it; I have the proof in my hands!”

“Yes, Masaomi, I’m communicating with my lover during school hours. I admit it. Now give me my phone back.” Mikado didn’t seem pleased with his best friend’s actions anymore and demanded the return of his mobile.

“And I admit to not announcing my date beforehand to the pact. Please forgive me.” Anri apologized and gave him a deep bow before grabbing hold of her lunch.

Clicking his tongue, Masaomi handed the phone back to Mikado. “Both defendants are forgiven. I’m just lonely since I haven’t gotten to see my lover in a while. Unlike Mikado, who enjoys being used by his.”

“Guilty as charged.” Mikado had no problem nodding in agreement to that.

“Or Anri-chan whose lover likes to spend time with her.” Masaomi sighed with placing a pocky stick in his mouth.

“That’s true.” Anri slurped on the juice box with a red face.

Suddenly, a fit of gleeful giggles was heard in the distance and all three turned to the couple nearby. They were enjoying themselves under the sun, paying no mind to anyone around. Anri immediately glanced at them with a longing look on her face while Masaomi tilted his head in envy. Mikado simply kept quiet while seeming slightly displeased by their show of affection.


“It’s decided. I’m announcing to the pact that I’ll be visiting my lover today, whether they want to or not.” Masaomi spoke up and finished his pocky stick in one gulp. “I know I said I was going to be patient, but I want love too!”

“Then I shall make the same announcement.” Anri nodded and turned to her food shyly.

“In your case, Anri-chan, it’s the same whether you announce it or not.” Masaomi laughed and took another stick before he glanced over to his best friend.

“I’m being ordered to make an appearance so my announcement’s the same.” Mikado nodded to both of them though they could tell he was really pleased with the summons.

With lunch time behind all three, what was left for them was to wait until classes ended. Although it passed by pretty quickly, it did not come soon enough. Once the day was over, all three left school together. They walked at a normal pace though their hearts were running a mile a minute.

“Oh, Mikado, that CD you wanted to borrow. I’ll lend it to you tomorrow, okay?” Masaomi turned the conversation forward by talking about useless things. He just wanted to pass the time by until they met with their respective lovers.

“Ah, it’s okay. I wasn’t in any hurry to hear it.” Mikado replied and suddenly noticed Anri stop. He and Masaomi turned around to see their friend looking elsewhere with a happy smile. “See you tomorrow Sonohara-san.”


“See ya Anri-chan!” Masaomi grinned at the girl, who slowly bowed to them with a blush on her face and hurried to a black-dressed rider nearby. “Wait for it…” Masaomi and Mikado stared at the reunion.

“Hello Celty-san.” Anri smiled brightly to the woman and was greeted with a pet and a caress to her cheek. The girl’s blush deepened and her sense of happiness exploded to the surroundings. Masaomi acted as though a bright light blinded him for a moment before laughing. In that moment, Anri’s lover, Celty Sturluson, invited Anri to her motorcycle and both rode away.

“Now that’s pure love, my friend. Even when Anri gets jealous and shows her evil side.” Masaomi grinned and started walking away with Mikado when the boy brought out his phone. “Don’t tell me…” The fake blond frowned and tried to back away as Mikado showed him in phone with the words ‘guess who’ on them.

Masaomi shielded his eyes as an arm wrapped itself around Mikado’s eyes and waist. “Found you~” The man’s voice uttered contently and Mikado began to shake. “Ooh, excited already? I haven’t even started.”

“Public indecency! Izaya-san is committing public indecency!” Masaomi spoke while still shielding his eyes from the scene in front of him. He didn’t seem to want to see his best friend in that situation.

“Oh but Mikado-kun enjoys it so.” Orihara Izaya didn’t seem to mind Masaomi bad mouthing him and turned Mikado’s gaze to him. What faced him was a very red Mikado, who seemed like he was about to lose control of his pleasure. “Right. Let’s go home. There’s some things I’d like you to do for me.” Grinning, Izaya took Mikado away by the hand.

Leaving Masaomi all alone, the fake blond pouted and continued on his way. He had already known where to go so it didn’t matter how much he was sidetracked by his friends’ love affairs. In the end, all he had to do was look up to find who he wanted to find. Even if the streets were full of people, there was no way to miss that bundle of hair.

“…!” Masaomi’s mouth became wide as he smiled. His face showed how gleeful he felt by turning his cheeks red. With a sprint, he ran towards one man in particular while shouting, “Shizuo-san!”

“Masaomi!” The other fake blond, Heiwajima Shizuo, was caught by surprise when Masaomi jumped in his arms. His own blush covered nearly all his face as he tried to make sure Masaomi didn’t fall from his grasp.

“How cute~! Shizuo-san looks so adorable!” Masaomi exclaimed out loud without fear of being looked at wrong. “I’m so glad I saw you today!”

As Shizuo looked a bit troubled he sighed, only sounding slightly exhausted. “You went and told your friends you were coming to see me, right?” At his question, Masaomi nodded happily.

“The pact is sacred for us, Shizuo-san. So play with me today!” Masaomi held his hands high and saw his beloved raise his hand to ruffle his hair. That’s as far as any of them went. At least, until all three reached the proper age.

“Let’s go then. Don’t get lost.” Shizuo smiled with happiness in his eyes and Masaomi followed suit. They were a bit in their own world, much like the other two pair but this wasn’t something they would trade for the world.


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